High meat content

A very high percentage (94-100%) of high quality meat.

Plaiaden® Sakura wet food is characterized not only by the fact that all raw materials are of food quality, but also by a very high meat content of at least 94% up to 100%. Dogs are "carnivores" and can only poorly digest vegetable ingredients due to the short length of their intestines. The main component of a species-appropriate diet should therefore be meat. Plaiaden® Sakura therefore uses only high quality meat in organic quality.

With natural products, the animals grow up in their natural environment and feed in their natural way. We only use meat from animals that have lived freely in nature and have not been raised on breeding farms.

No offal or low-quality meat products such as meat broth are used.  There is also, of course, no added artificial flavoring or preservatives or sugar.

Each product contains only one animal protein. Therefore, Sakura products are also perfect for exclusion diets. This guarantees that your dog is eating in a species-appropriate way that is optimal for his health.