The legendary cultures bring the art of Plaiaden® to a new stage.

We have enthusiastically mixed style and art as an integral part of Plaiaden products.

Design in our products is always full of adventure.

In the rich soil of Upper Bavaria in southern Germany, we have the humble bio ingredients produced by the constant work of bio farmers with a strict and steady spirit. And the traditional Japanese food culture that has been passed down from generation to generation since the 9th century.

With such history, culture, and technology at the core of our design, we are passionate about bringing hope and dreams of living with your dog to Plaiaden products.

Natural materials such as the sun, fir trees, and Mt. Fuji, as well as objects decorated with German and Japanese castles, traditional Japanese colors, and traditional patterns used in ceramics, are synonymous with nature, abundance, and above all, tradition.

Spending time with your dog and Plaiaden should be a perfect harmony of pleasure for the eyes and pleasure for the palate.

Our influences are inexhaustible sources of inspiration, such as Japanese and German folk art, fairy tales, Manga, and the wilderness of Upper Bavaria, with a spirit appropriate to the times.

The designs that adorn Plaiaden products have won many accolades worldwide, including a design award in New York, USA.